Azam Swati video with wife sent to his daughter

PTI Senator Azam Swati on Saturday claimed that his personal videos with his wife were leaked. Azam Swati video with wife sent to his daughter.

He recently accused some high ranking military men for custodial torture. After that he was arrested in a case related to provoking tweets against state institutions.

Azam Swati video with wife sent to his daughter

During the press, Azam Swati shattered into tears and told that the personal videos were transmitted to his daughter. He also said that the videos were captured when he was visiting Quetta with his wife. And now Azam Swati video sent to his daughter.

Azam Swati cried during press release
Azam Swati cried during press release

“When a daughter tells her father that such video belongs to her parents, think what kind of mental stress I had to face,” he questioned.

The Quran about the Dictators

‏‎إِنَّ بَطْشَ رَبِّكَ لَشَدِيدٌ (القرآن)

ترجمہ: بے شک تمہارے رب کی پکڑ بہت شدید ہے۔اللّٰہ کا وعدہ ہے ظالم کو پکڑے گا اور ظلم پر خاموش رہنے والے بھی اللّٰہ تعالیٰ کی پکڑ میں آئیں گے۔

“Verily, the grip of your Lord is very severe. Allah’s promise is that he will catch the wrongdoer and those who remain silent on the wrongdoing will also come under the catch of Allah.” (The Qur’an)

“Those who have passed before him, they also played tricks, but the tricks are all done by Allah. All that a person does is known to Him, and the disbelievers will soon find out to whom the reward of this place belongs.” (Quran 13:42)

Reaction of Imran Khan

“Pakistan was created on Islamic moral values of human dignity, honour of the family & inviolability of chadar & chardawari. What has happened to Azam Swati at the hands of the State has been a blatant violation of all these values. From being stripped naked to custodial torture & now this video where privacy of his wife has been violated. It is both shocking, despicable & utterly condemnable. No human being should have to suffer this. I call on the CJP to take suo moto notice of this.” Said former PM Imran Khan Niazi.

Azam Swati video with wife sent to his daughter
Azam Swati video with wife sent to his daughter
Azam Swati video with wife sent to his daughter
Azam Swati video with wife sent to his daughter

Seems a ban on freedom of speech

Is the this type of insult of Azam Swati and his wife a ban on language and is it clear that the voice of truth and justice will be crushed even in this way? Will this imported government fall so far?

When the security agencies of Pakistan came down on Satanism then India, America or Israel will not come to save us. Now the entire burden has fallen on the people, how they have to bring revolution, and how to give acid bath to this system and institutions.

These beasts have fallen into a blind well from which it is now very difficult to get out. They are removing this blind love from the hearts and minds of the nation by their own actions.

Who recorded Azam Swati video?

Dirty Harry stoops to new low. Sajid Sajrani apparently booked the room in judicial complex where the video of husband and wife were recorded. Blackmailers failed to blackmail azam swati. Azam swati stand strong. Nation apologised to ur family; said Hassan Niazi on Twitter.

Allah Ta’ala is the one who bestows honor and humiliation. Until now, the veil was kept, but when the time of the death of the tyrant approaches, then all the veils are lifted.

It is time we must start questioning our courts and judiciary also. Why have they closed eyes. Their notices are only for few. There must be an instant investigation about who made and then sent Azam Swati video with wife to his daughter! There’s no excuse when it comes to personal things.

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