How to find dead AirPods? A Simple Guide!

How to find dead AirPods? A simple guide! Handling connection issues are fixable, but when your AirPods are dead, it would be maddening. Sometimes, you forget where you kept your AirPods. And they got dead due to not charging. And you find them everywhere but due to dead batteries, they’re not in range. So, you should look for some methods to find dead AirPods.  

Looking for How to find dead AirPods? Well, this article will help you to resolve the issue. Get the ultimate guide about why your AirPods are dead, and How to find dead AirPods! Stay connected with this article to read up on the details. 

How do I know if my AirPods are dead? 

If you see no light: It means that your AirPods and their case are dead. They need to be charged to use later. 

If you see an orange light: When you see a solid orange light on your AirPod, it indicates that AirPods are charging. 

If you see green light: When there is a green light, it means AirPods are fully charged. 

If you see white light: If a white flash light turns on, it indicates your AirPods are ready to connect to your device. 

How long dead AirPods take to charge? 

If you have to charge your dead AirPods to full, it will take approximately 90-100 minutes. Every time you charge your AirPods, their batteries lose a little bit of energy. And with time the batteries continue losing power. So, when they’re dead, it takes one hour and forty minutes to charge fully. Once the AirPods are fully charged, the light turns green. 

How to Find Dead AirPods? 

How to find dead AirPods
How to find dead AirPods

Finding the dead AirPods is not simple yet. You have to rely on your memory of where you kept the last time. Moreover, the Find My app is also helpful to check the last location of your AirPods. Try to find them patiently with care and don’t panic. Find My app provides an accurate location within twenty meters using GPS. And the location tracking is more accurate when using a Bluetooth connection. Here are some situations when the Find My app works to find your AirPods: 

When AirPods are in Bluetooth Range

If your AirPods are powered off close to your device, they are still findable. Use Find the My app to locate the last spot of your AirPods. But you must be sure that no one has moved them from that location. The tracking app will point out their location and you will easily access them within minutes. 

When they’re not in Bluetooth Range

It is much more difficult to find dead AirPods when they are out of Bluetooth range. The reason is that Find My app is unable to collect the data. So, it is all up to you to find them. Take a deep breath, guess where you kept the last time, and go to check there. 

Common Errors of AirPods 

Sometimes your AirPods give you a headache with weird errors. All you need to do is to calm firstly and then diagnose the issues. Here I’ve listed some of the common Errors of AirPods. 

  1. Call Drops
  2. Audio Issue
  3. Volume Trouble
  4. Sound Problem
  5. Bad Battery Life
  6. Charging Issue
  7. Connection Issues
  8. Gestures Not Working
  9. AirPods Scratch Ears

That was a brief explanation about How to find dead AirPods! You should try above mentioned methods to find your dead AirPods. But if all of these tricks doesn’t work, go and contact the Apple service. Did you find this article helpful? Share your valuable feedback in the comments. Also, keep visiting the Global Fora Website for more updates.

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