Imran Khan Long March in October 2022 for Haqeeqi Azadi

Haqeeqi Azadi March started at Liberty chowk on Friday October 28, 2022 and the people of Lahore came out to lead the Imran Khan Long March.

The historian will write that the history of Pakistan saw a leader who fought alone and defeated all the pharaohs of the time and that leader’s name was Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi.

Long March started from the Constituency PP 159 Liberty Chowk. Murad Raas and the team were the first host for the launch.

The aim of Imran Khan Long March

The aim of Imran Khan Long March is immediate and transparent elections in the country. Imran Khan has a clear position that Pakistan’s decisions should be made in Pakistan and not elsewhere. ‎

Statement of Former PM Imran Khan

The former PM said that the government of thieves and the rulers are facing corruption cases, while it has also failed in stabilizing the country’s economy nor it could solve governance issues.“We do not want interference from anywhere,” he said adding that our goal is only elections. He said,

“I tried to introduce Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) for clean and transparent elections but the incumbent rulers did not allow let these reforms pass.

“Our only demand is that only free, fair and transparent elections should be held in the country and the decision taken by the people will be accepted by everyone. And the party has just begun.”

“I am starting the most important journey in the political journey of 26 years, the time has come for us to start the journey of real freedom of this country.

“My march is not for politics, not for elections or personal interests, but only for the purpose that the nation should be truly free, our decisions should not be in Washington or Britain, but Pakistan’s decisions should be in Pakistan and for the people of Pakistan,” he said.

I wish a very good luck to Imran Khan, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, and the Public of Pakistan for Haqeeqi Azadi March. PDM and their handlers are very scared of the long March and has directed all Channels to stop telecasting Azadi March.

PEMRA directed no broadcast of Long March

PEMRA has just directed all broadcasters and channels to stop airing the long march live. Even field reporters are to refrain from malignant content. Is this the “democratic rights”?

Haqeeqi Azadi March

In my whole life, I have never ever seen people so motivated for a long march or movement. Imran Khan has really become the greatest leader in the country’s history.

Why there’s always rules for opponents and freedom for the people who’re in the authority? Where are rights for public? Why double crossing is done every single time? But this time public is well aware who’s right.

Scenes from Haqeeqi Azadi March

Long March
Long March

Tweets in support to Imran Khan Long March

There are approximately 80 percent people who’re supporting former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan Niazi. The young generation of Pakistan is standing with Imran Khan and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. People have shown there support, love and care to Imran Khan by tweets shown below.

Tweets against Imran Khan Long March

While on the other hands, Pakistan Muslim League-N is against Imran Khan just like before. They’re are manipulating the facts just to make a bad image of Captain Imran Khan Niazi. But now, the public has awakened. They’re not going to believe the thieves anymore. The PMLN’S statements are just below.

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