Kashmir Day Speech in English, February 5, 2023

Kashmir Day is the Pakistani National Holiday celebrated on 5th February each year. have posted the best award winning Kashmir Day Speech in English. This speech can be used by anyone either by a school or college student at a Kashmir Day event.

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Kashmir Day Speech in English

Most respected Principal, honourable guests, dear teachers, students Assalamualaikum! Today I’m here to speak on the significant topic of Kashmir Day. Let me grab your attention please! This story is started from the emergence of our dearest country Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

At the emergence of Pakistan, all the Muslim majority states were allowed to get affiliated with Islamic Republic of Pakistan as per their choices. The Kashmiris also wanted to be attached with Pakistan but India forcefully got this State under their government. 

The Kashmir Dispute:

 Kashmir is a region in the northern part of South Asia.  It shares borders with Pakistan, China and Afghanistan.  The region has been a disputed area between India and Pakistan since 1947.  To this day it remains the centre of conflict between the two countries. 

Kashmir Day Speech in English
Kashmir Day Speech in English

Kashmir Day also known as Kashmir Solidarity Day is a national holiday in Pakistan which is celebrated every year on February 5 for Kashmiris.  On this day Pakistani people show solidarity and solidarity for Kashmiri people. The whole world, especially Pakistan, celebrates this day every 5th of February to pay homage to all the dead and martyred people.

دشمن کے دست ظلم سے شمشیر چھین لیں

آؤ کہ بڑھ کر وادی کشمیر چھین لیں

On the occasion of Kashmir Day on February 5, Pakistanis hold rallies and gatherings to pay homage to Kashmiris.  Now, 74 years have passed but till now the Kashmiri people will not be given equal rights and they will not be given any safe place to live.  Thousands of Kashmiris are being killed by the Indian Army in Jammu and Kashmir, India.

میری مانو چلو منجد ھار میں موجوں سے ٹکرائیں

وگرنہ دیکھنا ساحل پہ سارے ڈوب جائیں گے

From that day to Now, Kashmiris are losing their families, businesses, houses, and fields as they are standing against Indian occupation. Kashmiris are doing what they can do. But O Pakistanis, What have you done for Kashmiris? It’s a bitter question! They have been suffering for seventy years. The Kashmir Issue has been raised at international level but nothing has been done to resolve it. 

Kashmir Day Speech in English
Kashmir Day Speech in English

If Kashmir Jannat Nazir is to be freed, if its mujahids are to be provided with the fragrant breath of free air, then come out of the shell of expediency and interest, become a flame and jump into the field, lest one of your arms be cut off first.  It is done, no aorta should be cut now. We need to reunite ourselves, awaken our senses, and take action against this brutality. We can do this for our fellows. 

اب ٹوٹ گریں گی زنجیریں، زندانوں کی خیر نہیں

جو دریا جھوم اٹھے ہیں، تنکوں سے نہ ٹالے جائیں گے

Let’s pray to Allah that the Kashmiris may be free from the brutality of the Indian government, Ameen! 

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