Senior Journalist Arshad Sharif was Shot Dead in Kenya

Arshad Sharif was killed in a shooting incident near the Kenyan capital Nairobi on Sunday night, and according to initial police reports, police officers fired shots at the vehicle in which Arshad Sharif was riding due to a mistaken identity. It is unclear what Arshad Sharif was doing in Kenya, but Kenyan police spokesman Bruno Schioso said that they are investigating the circumstances behind Arshad Sharif’s death.

 Arshad Sharif was the son of a martyred naval commander. He was the brother of a martyred army officer. Police officials have confirmed the authenticity of the report, according to which “the report of firing and the death of a foreign national was first received on October 23 at 10 pm local time”.

Investigation about Arshad Sharif’s murder

According to the report, “The police initially learned that officers of the General Service Unit (GSU) of the Kenyan Police Service were involved in a shooting incident and as a result, Arshad Mohammad Sharif, a 50-year-old Pakistani national, was shot dead. According to this police report of the shooting incident, Arshad Mohammad Sharif was traveling in the car whose registration number was KDG 200M.

Statement of Police Service NAIROBI

Arshad Sharif was Shot Dead by Kenyan Police
Arshad Sharif was Shot Dead by Kenyan Police

Arshad Sharif was Shot Dead by Kenyan Police

A preliminary report of the incident filed by the Kenyan police at the Magdai police station said that the car in which Arshad Mohammad Sharif was traveling was mistaken by the police as stolen and when it did not stop despite temporary roadblocks. He was fired upon. But these seems lame excuses. There’s someone else ordered the sniper to kill Arshad. It makes no sense that Arshad Muhammad Sharif was Shot Dead by Kenyan Police in confusion.

My heart is sad and trembling, I don’t understand what to write and how to write.  That person was not a loved one, but it is sad as if someone has been lost.  Who did it, why did it, on whose orders?  Does it all make sense now?  We are not human beings, but perhaps cruel.  The life of a true priest was swallowed by the desire of capital.  Is life so cheap?  Who is responsible for all this?  What was wrong with this person who finally broke the light of his smiling life? My heart is singing..

This is the land of blind people

 O moon, don’t come out here


He was true hearted.  What he had done was just to expose the liars.  Has he taken the life of one of your own?  Did he orphan your children?  Who will answer?  I have never hated anyone in my life as much as I am doing today with these thieves and runaway Sharif family.  The killing of one person is the killing of the entire humanity.  My heart is crying. 😥

Statement of Arshad Sharif’s Wife

Arshad’s wife Jawira Siddique confirmed in her tweet that today  she had lost her friend, husband and favorite journalist. Jawaria Siddique said that this morning the police came and told that Arshad Sharif had been killed in Kenya. She requested not to share the last photo of Arshad Sharif taken in a local hospital in Kenya.

Demand for Investigation into Arshad Sharif’s murder

 After the news of Arshad Sharif’s death came out, Pakistani media and social media have expressed regret over the incident, while demanding an independent and independent investigation. Former Prime Minister Imran Khan has demanded a judicial inquiry into Arshad Sharif’s death and said that Arshad Muhammad Sharif “paid the ultimate price for speaking the truth with his life”.

 The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has said in a statement that the government must conduct an immediate and transparent investigation into the matter.

 Journalist Mazhar Abbas has demanded the international journalistic organizations to set up a fact-finding mission to investigate the ‘murder’ of Pakistan’s senior anchor person and journalist.  “Like the murders of many journalists (in the past), this case should not be ignored.” 

 Anchor Naseem Zahra aske, “How long will this blood game continue?”

 Ammar Rashid writes on Twitter that the news of Arshad Sharif’s murder in Kenya is terrible.  Given the recent history of attacks on Pakistani journalists and critics inside and outside the country, this is a legitimate skepticism.  The Kenyan authorities should be immediately pressured to investigate.

 Osama Khalji said that Arshad Muhammad Sharif spoke against Pakistan’s military establishment after which he was facing threats. He says that there should be an international inquiry into his murder.

 Didn’t the hands of this murderer have trembled even a little bit that he was hypocrite by killing the head of a house? Will the killer ever sleep in peace, but  maybe yes! Because in the chests of cruel beasts there are stones instead of hearts. I, you, and they all know who’s behind all this brutality. 

Who’s Behind Arshad Sharif’s Death?

 Can someone be so brutal, senseless, feeling less, and stone hearted to get seats of government? Yes, the Sharif Family, Zardari, and their co workers can be that brutal.

Arshad Muhammad Sharif was working on a documentary “Behind the Closed Doors”. This documentary would’ve precised the brutality of Sharif Family.

Everyone is thinking that this imported Government is behind Arshad Sharif’s Death. Oh, we just lost a gem today. It looks like we’re all not safe. O Allah, help and protect us from the devils of this world, Ameen. May Arshad Sharif’s soul rest in peace, Ameen! 

Arshad Muhammad Sharif was Shot Dead
Arshad Muhammad Sharif was Shot Dead
Arshad Muhammad Sharif
Arshad Muhammad Sharif

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