Value of English Literature in Pakistan during 20s

As we are familiar with, English has become an international language nowadays. Everyone has the desire to learn and speak English. There’s a significant value of English Literature in Pakistan. In this regard, every school and college is doing its utmost to attempt to make their college and school system an English medium system. 

Hence English literature is rooted in deep in Pakistan. Many students get a step into the Master of English after their bachelor’s degree. They choose their subject mostly English literature due to its worldwide scope. If you want to know more about the English Literature you should keep reading this article till the end.  

English Literature in Pakistan

English Literature means the study of the syllabus written in English. It is including dramas, Poetry, pros, heroes, autobiographies, and all other helpful characters that can make someone critical, logical, a thinker, and also a writer. 

Value of English Literature
Value of English Literature

In this way, one can learn about different styles of writing. He can judge things at the multi-dimensional level. English literature was developed hundreds of years ago. English language originated from two tribes Anglo and Saxons which were the most populated groups. 

English literature primarily started from that period. There are many types of topics written in English literature such as prose, biographies, poetry, and modern poetry.

There are many types of English literature studied at the B.S level in universities, Greek literature, American literature, Pakistani literature, etc.

Why to choose English Literature in Pakistan? 

There are many solid reasons behind this choice. For example;

  1. English literature has extensive scope not only in Pakistan but also in other countries.
  2. Many public and private sectors have required a person to have a degree in English literature.
  3. There are also many other reasons for the choice of English literature.

Categories of English Literature

English literature is categorized into two basic categories;

English Literature in Pakistan
English Literature in Pakistan
Non- FictionsFictions
Which explains the writing founded on facts.Which are simulated to some degree.
A documentary on animal life cycle.
A book about cat that talks.

Scope of English Literature in Pakistan 

English Literature in Pakistan has a lot of importance. It has a wide scope. So, it holds great importance for everyone. An English literature degree holder can get employment in many prominent sectors. He can get a handsome salary. So, he can be a successful person.

Scope of English Literature
Scope of English Literature

Anyone can be a successful person he can unlock many new doors for many new jobs. Not only he can get the opportunity for new fields but also others can get benefits from that news fields. So, with a single degree, many people can build a successful careers. So, the scope of English Literature in Pakistan is very elevated and has a high demand.

Universities offering English Literature Degree 

The following universities are offering B.S\. M.A English literature degree in Pakistan.

  • Government College University Faisalabad 
  • The Islamic University of Bahawalpur 
  • Kinnaird College 
  • UMT 
  • The University of Punjab 
  • The University of Jhangh 
  • University of South Asia 
  • The University of Karachi 

The above-mentioned universities offer English literature for many years thousands of students have been completing their degrees at that universities. Million had been certified by that universities. It all proves the high scope of English literature in Pakistan.

Jobs for English Literature Degree holder

Due to the great scope of English literature, it is very easy to find jobs for those, who have a degree in English literature. They can find the following types of jobs easily;

  • Teaching at the school level 
  • Professor at university and college levels.
  • Content writer 
  • The article writer at the relevant website
  • Copywriter 
  • Editor 
  • Instructor 
  • An online tutor 
English Literature job opportunities
English Literature job opportunities

The relevant jobs have also splendid salaries so, that one can enjoy life and lead a magnificent life. These salaries range from 40,000 to 250,000 which is a stunning range. So, a degree in English Literature is highly beneficial.


English has become an international language. Not only it has high scope in Pakistan but also it has high scope overall in the world. A person who holds a degree in English literature not only can easily get a job in Pakistan but can get a job in another developed country.

So, English literature should be promoted. If you want to get such types of information about any subject then keep visiting our website which carries a lot of information for you.

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