What are the 7Cs of Communication Skills?

 As Communication means that you are conveying complete message in a very decent way. The 7Cs of Communication used to  convey message  which saves time, money and effort of both sides and also complete the purpose of communication around both sides.

Communication is based on some valuable able characteristics and a message can contain these characteristics if we will use all 7Cs of Communication  in any message it will complete all purpose of communication & will also convey full message. Keep reading this article to learn about 7Cs of Communication Skills.

7Cs of Communication

The 7Cs of Communication can be applied to all forms of communication, whether that’s writing an email, creating marketing content, giving a presentation, having a job interview, or chairing a meeting.

We need to design every message with focusing all 7Cs of Communication. If we simply see the attachment or relationship between a messenger/sender and receiver is just a message.

If message will have power to get attention it will create a strong relationship between sender and receiver. There are 7Cs of Communication. Here we go for the details; 

 1. Completeness

2. Conciseness

3. Consideration

4. Concreteness

5. Clarity

6. Courtesy

7. Correctness

1. Completeness

Completeness mean that In every aspect communication must convey proper and fully message.

7Cs of Communication Skills
7Cs of Communication Skills

The communication must be clear, concise as well as complete. It ought to pass on all actualities required by the group of onlookers. The sender of the message must take into thought the receiver’s intellect set and pass on the message appropriately. A communication which has 7Cs of Communication Skills displays these features:

• Complete communication creates and improves notoriety of an organization.

• Moreover, they are fetched sparing as no vital data is lost and no extra taken a toll is caused in passing on additional message in case the communication is complete.

• A total communication continuously gives extra data wherever required.

• It Takes off no questions within the intellect of receiver.

• Complete communication makes a difference in superior decision-making by the gathering of people / pursuers /recipients of message as they get all wanted and vital information.

• It influences the group of onlookers to tune in and assess emphatically.

  • The five questions -strategy is valuable once you type in demands, declarations, or other informative messages.
  • For occurrence, to arrange (ask) anything, 5-question strategy makes clear WHO wants it? WHAT you need? Once you require it? WHERE it is to be utilize and WHY you need it.?

1.2. Conclusion of Completeness

At the conclusion we are able say that, you just must provide him:

1. All vital data as asked by him.

2. Answers to his all questions carefully.

3. Give a few more data, which he isn’t requiring, fair to preserve great relations.

2. Conciseness

Conciseness is a way through which a messenger convey message in few meaningful words. It is one of the important parts of 7Cs of Communication.

7Cs of Communication Skills

Conciseness proposes “convey the message by utilizing humblest words”. “Conciseness is the prerequisite to effective commerce communication.” As you know that all executives have extraordinarily brief time.

• Hence a brief message spares the time and costs for both the parties.

2.1 How to attain Conciseness?

For accomplishing the conciseness you have got to consider the following:

• Avoid tedious expression.

• Include as it were pertinent material.

2.1.1 Avoid Wordy Expression

e.g. wordy: this time. Rather than “at this time” you’ll be able fair utilize as it were a brief word:


  • We should always try to use “To the point Approach” in our business
  • Scenario perspective.

2.1.2 Include only Relevant Information

  • Always attempt to supply as it were pertinent data to the collector of the message.
  • Observe the taking after recommendations to “Include as it were pertinent information stick to the purpose of message.”
  • Delete irrelevant words
  • Avoid long introduction, unnecessary explanation etc.
  • Get to the important point concisely.

2.1.3 Maintain a strategic distance from Unnecessary Repetition

  • In some cases reiteration is vital for centering a few extraordinary issue.
  • But when the same thing is said without two or three reasons, the message ended up tedious and boring.
  • That’s why attempt to maintain a strategic distance from unnecessary repetition.

2.1.4 Kill unnecessary words

  • Utilize shorter title after you have got said the long once. e.g. Range Communications Private Restricted utilize Spectrum.
  • Use pronouns or initials e.g. Rather than Lahore Advancement Authority utilize LDA otherwise You can utilize IT for Data Technology. (Keeping in sees that collector knows almost these terms)

3. Consideration

Consideration is a powerful and necessary tool for communication through which messenger get full attention of audience or receiver.

  • Thought implies – To consider the receiver’s Interest/Intention.
  • It is exceptionally critical in viable communication whereas composing a message you ought to always be beyond any doubt your target bunch or person.
  • Thought is exceptionally important “C” among all the seven C’s.

3.1 Ways to Show Consideration

  • Center on “you” rather than “I” or “We”.
  • Appear gathering of people benefit or intrigued of the receiver.
  • Emphasize positive, wonderful facts.

3.2 Your State of mind

  • Continuously type in a message in such a way how peruser ought to be profited from it.
  • Peruse may respond emphatically when benefits have appeared to him.
  • Continuously attempt to address his/her needs and wants.
  • Continuously show/write to the peruser, what has been done so distant as his/her inquiry is concerned.

4. Concreteness

Concreteness refer to be specific and give the vivid message rather than being vague or general. 

  • It implies that the message ought to be particular rather than common. Misunderstanding words makes issues for both parties (sender and collector).
  • Once your conversation with your senior continuously utilizes actualities and figures instead of non-specific or irrelevant information.

4.1 Guidelines of Concreteness

  • The taking after rules ought to assist you to realize Concreteness. Police Record is an exceptionally great program and stood to begin with within the rating.

Police Record rating of final week’s scenes is ________It stood to begin with in rating.

  • Continuously compose on awfully strong ground. It ought to certainly make a great picture as well.

5. Clarity

Clarity asks a communicator to don’t use many words and don’t make your message long it says state clear message.

  • Precisely is the reason for clarity:
  • In successful communication, the message ought to beutilizesionally much more clearly so that the peruser can understand it easily.
  • You ought to continuously select exact, recognizable, and simple words.

6. Courtesy

Courtesy is very special in every aspect it means that you are showing respect to receiver and its a specific rule that Where courtesy reign everyone gain.

  • Knowing your group of onlookers permits you to utilize explanations of cordiality; be mindful of your message receiver.
  • Genuine cordiality includes being mindful not as it were of the viewpoint of others, but of their feelings. It isn’t fair respectfulness with the programmed setting of “please” and “Thank you”. “Warm regards.” “Feel obligated and obliged.”
  • Even though Applying socially accepted manners may be a frame of kindness, or maybe it is respectfulness that develops out regard and concern for others.
  • Considerate communication produces an extraordinary tone in their composing and talking.

6.1 How to produce a respectful tone?

The taking after are proposals for creating a affable tone:

  • Be truly prudent, mindful and appreciative. Utilize expressions that appear regard for the others.
  • Select reasonable expressions.
  • Be truly prudent, mindful and appreciative.
  • In spite of the fact that few individuals are intentioned rushed or limit, these negative characteristics are common cause of impoliteness.

6.2 Keenness and Appreciation

a) Journalists who send wonderful, considerate messages of merited congrats and appreciation (to a individual interior & exterior) offer assistance to construct goodwill.

b) The esteem of goodwill or open regard for the firm is priceless.

7. Correctness

Correctness means providing correct thoughts, correct meanings and also the figures also should be accurate. Accuracy in everything is must.


At the center of rightness is legitimate linguistic use and spelling. Be that as it may, the message must be perfect syntactically and mechanically.

The term rightness, as connected to commerce messages too implies three characteristics;

a. Utilize the correct level of language

b. Check the exactness of figures, truths and words.

c. Keep up satisfactory composing mechanics.

Levels of Language

It’s important to see, What kind of composing is related to each level? & What is the fashion of each? Along with the 7Cs of Communication Skills the levels of Language are also worthy. There are three levels of language;

a. formal

b. casual

c. Substandard.

  • Formal: composing is frequently related with top-level government assertions, scholarly writing, lawful archives and other fabric where convention is demanded.
  • Casual: composing is more characteristic of commerce composing. Here you employ words that are short, well-known and conversational.


 To sum up, working with other people, be it inside your group or other groups within the organization, is the standard in today’s corporate setting. Subsequently, communication becomes a basic ability. Once you communicate well, you end up more proficient, you tend to command regard among your peers, and you maintain sound connections along with your colleagues.

 Be beyond any doubt the 7Cs of Communication and quicken your career growth. While you’re, do check out these prevalent courses by Invensys Learning that will assist you development in your career. Keep visiting the Global Fora website for more. 

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