What is Diabetes? Read Causes, Symptoms, and 3 Basic Types

Diabetes is a chronic (long-lasting) health condition that affects how your body turns food into energy. It happens when our blood glucose/sugar is not under control. Glucose is a basic need of life. The food we eat is the main source of glucose and glucose is the main source of energy.

When the pancreas stops producing insulin then it causes blood sugar imbalance or Diabetes. Are you looking for What is Diabetes, its symptoms, and causes? Well, keep reading this article till the end to learn details about Diabetes.

What is Diabetes? An Overview

In Diabetes, your body doesn’t make enough insulin or can’t use it as well as it should. When there isn’t enough insulin or cells stop responding to insulin, too much blood sugar stays in your bloodstream, this condition referred to Diabetes.

Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that is used to take up glucose from food and send it into cells to get energy.

Insulin is used to control extra sugar from our blood because it can harm our bodies. A body needs a normal amount of glucose in the blood.

A thousands of people search about What is Diabetes because this disorder is increasing continuously. Sometimes our body is not able to make enough insulin to control blood glucose. At that time, the glucose stays in our blood and does not reach our blood for proper action.

Major Causes of Diabetes 

Doctors or Health Care departments are also not sure about the causes of Diabetes. But some main factors are noticed by doctors that are the causes of Diabetes. These factors can increase the chances of getting Diabetes. These factors are given below. 

  • The main cause of Diabetes is Family History/Inheritance. 
  • Overweight from the body desire. The body weight can be above 20℅ or more. 
  • Diabetes can be due to physical stress e.g. Surgery and illness etc. 
  • Frequent use of medication that contains steroids and blood pressure. 
  • Injured pancreas is the main cause of Diabetes. 
  • Immune system diseases 
  • Blood cholesterol abnormality. 
  • Increasing age. 
  • Excess use of alcohol. 
  • Drug addiction is the great common cause of Diabetes. 

Diabetes in Current Era 

Diabetes in people is the most common disease in current era. Most people are not aware of this disease that’s why they lead their lives to the death. In 2015, according to research, 30.3 million or 9.4% of the population in the US were the victim of Diabetes. One of the four people was not aware of this chronic disease. Diabetes mostly affects the person above 65 age. People in this world is mostly affected by Diabetes type1.

Diabetes Consultation
Diabetes Consultation

Symptoms of Diabetes

The below mentioned symptoms will help you to know more about diabetes. To learn the symptoms of Diabetes, you should know first What is Diabetes.

Frequent Thirst: If you are feeling grequent thirst after every 15 – 20 minutes and you are drinking a lot of water, not just a glass but a jug or a liter of water at a time. So you should take it seriously and notice yourself. 

Frequent Urination: It is also the main reason for diabetes. Frequent Urination shows that your body is eliminating extra blood sugar through the kidneys system. The color of urine changes to yellow color and it can have ketones. 

What is Diabetes?
What is Diabetes? Symptoms

Weight Loss/Gain: Another Symptom of Diabetes is sudden or slowly Weight Loss/Gain. Some people with diabetes lose weight without any exercise or workout and some gain a lot of weight, which becomes tough to lose. 

Tiredness: Other symptom of diabetes is Tiredness in which diabetic patients feel more tired compared to a normal person. Even sometimes without doing any work feel tired. 

Tingling Sensation in Hands and Feet: High blood sugar can cause a Tingling Sensation in the Hands and Feet. High blood sugar affects the nerves and muscles of the body. So,  the patient feels numbness or tingling in some body parts. 

Frequent Hunger: A diabetes patient feels Hunger after every single hour. A diabetic patient feels much hunger as compared to a normal person. He eats not much food but feels hunger and thirst. This is a common sign of diabetes.

If you want to read the symptoms of Diabetes in detail, you should visit this article. 

Types of Diabetes 

As we came to know “What is Diabetes?” Now we will discuss its kinds. There are 3 Basic Kinds of Diabetes. These types are discussed below

A. Type 1 Diabetes 

Type1 Diabetes is a type of diabetes in which the body does not make insulin. In this case, the immune system of the body attacks the cells which destroy the cells of the pancreas that make insulin. It is commonly diagnosed in children and young people. Usually, it can appear at any age. In this case, a patient needs insulin. This type of Diabetes can be diagnosed soon. 

B. Type 2 Diabetes 

Type 2 Diabetes, is a type of Diabetes in which body do not  use insulin. The insulin go waste and do not work properly. About 90-95% people are victims of  Diabetes Type2; there can be children, young, old which can be  victims of this disease. Its symptoms are not seen early so we should check our blood sugar level time to time. The main symptoms of Diabetes Type 2 are weight loss, hunger,  frequent thirst etc. If you notice anyone of these symptoms you should check whether you are not at risk. 

C. Gestational Diabetes 

Gestational Diabetes is also one of the types of diabetes. Most of the people are not aware of this kind of Diabetes. Because it occurs during the pregnancy and ends after child birth. In some cases it can go long and can also  affect the baby. It can prove harmful fir the mother and the baby also. So, its important to cure on time. 

Are you worried about your diabetes? Haven’t you started your glocuse treatment? Don’t be panic. It’s possible now to balance glocuse level in your body. 

Is there any Treatment for Diabetes? 

According to the researchers, there is no Treatment Of Diabetes yet. But a person who is suffering from Type 2 Diabetes; needs insulin for the body to control the amount of sugar. So, doctors consult them artificial insulin.

Moreover, the health care laboratories are working on Immunotherapies which helps to stops immune system from damaging the beta cells that controls the increased  amount of blood sugar. Buy yet there is only one treatment of Diabetes which is insulin or tablets. 


As we know Diabetes is a chronic disease so we should keep care of our health. A Diabetic patient should take care of his health and diet. He should take exercise regularly. There should be public events on What is Diabetes for awareness. If he walks more and more as long as it is possible then he can overcome to this disease. Don’t let the disease to harm you. 

“To avoid is better than the treatment.”

A diabetic patient can live a normal life again if he take cares of his health. A diabetic patients should maintain the schedule of diet. He should take exercise properly everyday and should eat healthy foods. He has to avoid sweet things because it will harm the health and lead you to death.  

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