When You Should Avoid Drinking Water? Learn the Reasons!

When and Why You Should Avoid Drinking Water? Water is an important element for all living things. Nature has blessed us with a lot of fresh water. This water is used for drinking, washing, bathing, agriculture, industries, and for many other purposes.

We should drink a lot of water during the day because most of our body parts consist of water. We should drink approximately 6 to 8 glasses of water per day. But here are some moments when You Should Avoid Drinking Water. 

It is very necessary to know about moments at which drinking water should avoid. This article contains detailed information for you about the moment at which drinking water should avoid. If you want to get this information then read this article completely.

Water % in Human Body

About 60℅ of adult men’s bodies consist of water. While in adult women it varies from 60℅ to 45℅. And in children its percentage ranges from 65℅ to 75%. By this percentage, we can estimate the significance of water for human beings. Hence, we should drink enough water for our body’s functions.

Importance and Uses of Water

Water is the most significant and valuable element for all kinds of living things. No one can ignore its importance. It has the following valuable significance:

Importance of Water
Importance of Water
  • It is the most important element of the human body. 
  • It carries many functions of the human body. Hence, it is very important to carry chemical and physical reactions in the human body.
  • It is the habitat of many living things.
  • It is the backbone of agriculture.
  • It is used in industries for many purposes.
  • It has great importance in daily life working.

When You Should Avoid Drinking Water? 

When you should Avoid Drinking Water?
When you should Avoid Drinking Water?

Here are some such moments at which drinking water should be avoided. There are some specific moments when You Should Avoid Drinking Water and the reasons have also been described. These are the following:

1. Before Sleep 

 Always avoid drinking water before sleeping because if your belly is filled with water then you will feel a problem sleeping it will take time to sleep. 

And you are familiar that during sleep kidneys function gets slower. Hence, you can face the problem of swelling when you get up. This case can be seen in many diabetic patients and many people with massive body weights. 

2. During Exercise 

  During exercise your body temperature gets rises. When you drink more water to cool down your body then you can face many problems. For example; your body muscles can get stretched and you can face high pain. 

3. To Reduce Sense of Chillies 

  Avoid drinking water to reduce the sense of chilies. Because there is a molecule in chilies that dissolved in water and cause a more severe sense of chilies when passing through the digestive tract. Hence, you have to face a more severe sense of chilies. So, it is recommended to drink milk or any dense liquid to reduce the sense of chilies.


There is a fixed duration to drink water during eating food. This duration is fixed by The Holy Prophet(صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ واصحابہ وبارک وسلم). Drink water before or mid of eating your meal not at the end. Hence, you should follow it. These are better for us. If you follow the above mentioned moments to avoid drinking water, it will be nice for your health.  

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