Who Got the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2022?

You know many scientists do their utmost efforts in the field of chemistry. Every year Nobel prizes are announced for those who did their best and contributed to opening new doors in the field of Chemistry.

We are going to discuss Who Got the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2022? The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2022 is about making difficult procedures easier. The Nobel Prize was awarded to Morten Meldal, Barry Sharpless, and Carolyn Bertozzi. As  Barry Sharpless and Morten Meldal did work for a functional form of chemistry – Click Chemistry.

Carolyn Bertozzi has moved click chemistry in a new direction and started to use it in living things. If you are interested to know about their work and how they got the Nobel Prize then read this article completely.

Announcement of Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2022

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2022 was announced by Professor Hans Ellegren (Secretary General of The Royal Swedish Academy of Science) on 4 October 2022.

Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2022
Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2022

Work of Barry Sharpless & Morten Meldal

Barry Sharpless – Who is fortunate and the most contributor to Click  Chemistry, has been awarded the second Nobel prize in Chemistry. He began his work approximately in the year 2000. He works on ideas of Click Chemistry. It is a simple and dependable unit of Chemistry. Chemical reactions occur faster and by-products cannot form.

Professor K. Barry Sharpless
Professor K. Barry Sharpless
Morten P. Meldal
Morten P. Meldal

After some time Barry Sharpless and Morten Meldal Work independently– on the Copper-catalyzed chemical reaction which is the cycloaddition of azide-alkyne. It is a refined and effective chemical reaction. It has many uses now. Among many uses, it is widely used in Pharmaceuticals development, mapping of DNA, and making materials that are used for it.

Work of Carolyn Bertozzi

Carolyn Bertozzi leads Click Chemistry toward a new door. She modernizes the Click Reactions that work inside living things, without changing the shape or chemistry of cells.

Carolyn Bertozzi
Carolyn Bertozzi

These reactions are now used throughout the world and used to find many biological processes. By using such reactions now researchers have improved to target cancer in Pharmaceuticals which is now examined in clinical ways. That Click Chemistry and Reactions lead Chemistry into the era of functionalism which is more beneficial for human beings.

Click Chemistry 

Click Chemistry is a chemical reaction between many reactants. That reaction occurs fastly under mild conditions. Click reactions are most important for functional groups e.g, amino groups. Due to mild conditions of reactions biotech and pharmaceutical industries highly benefited from Click Chemistry.

Click Chemistry
Click Chemistry

Advantages of Click Chemistry

In chemical reactions,  Click Chemistry is a form of Chemistry, in which reactions occur in one direction and not disturb by water. The advantages of Click Chemistry are given below;

  • By Click chemistry, scientists can hit the target in clusters of cells.
  • DNA mapping is possible now by Click Chemistry.
  • Offensive by-products can be avoided by Click Chemistry.
  • Click Chemistry is helpful now for coupling various modular units.
  • The product by Click Chemistry may be both in regio-  or stereoselectivity.
  • These reactions are helpful in the localization and qualification of biomolecules.
  • Click Chemistry, has wide applications in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Now many diseases are cured in clinical ways.
  • Click Chemistry has opened new doors for comfortable and fast relations.
  • Now reactions can easily take place without changing the shape of the cell.

Click Chemistry Reaction’s

Click Chemistry depends upon the highly energetic reagents that are often described as “spring loaded” few examples of such reactions are given below;

  1. Cycloaddition reactions of 1, 3 Dipolar family. 
  2. Hetro Diels- Alder reactions.
  3. Nucleophilic ring opening reactions (e.g, epoxide reactions). 
  4. Triazole ring formed in Click Chemistry.
  5. Oxidation chemical reactions in the pharmaceutical industry are examples of Click Chemistry reactions.

This important article contains information about Click Chemistry, especially about the Nobel prize in Chemistry 2022 and the work of the Nobel prize winners. As Click Chemistry has been modernized by their work hence it would be interesting for everyone to read about their work. If you want to know more about Click Chemistry. And If you want to update yourself more about organic Chemistry then keep visiting our website.

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